Monday, August 2, 2010

"Water of Life" - Which one is the best???

I was looking through all the photo taken from all different trip just to look for photo that is related to "Water of Life". I was trying to chose best three to submit to a local Digital Camera magazine but seems like I forgot the due date again....

#1 This is a new born baby goat

#2 His mamma is cleaning all the water of life on his body

#3 The water is not quiet anymore when the family jump into the pool. The water is alive now~!

#4 I love the kid's happy smile!

#5 Water splash on the lotus leaf

#6 Can you see the water splash and the little spider?

#7 Now the little spider is running away from water of life =D

#8 After a splash all water will reunion again

#9 water droplets near the car window after rain. It nourish the plant.

#10 The water of life in Kek Lok Tong

#11 This tiny crab depends on little creature in the sea and sand to survive

So, if you are me, which three photos would you choose and why?
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