Sunday, November 28, 2010

Peter Pan Musical with Merry Christmas

Fairy tales always ended with good ending right?

For more pictures of Peter Pan Musical, visit this blog post or photo album @ TianChad's Blog FB Page ~!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

When Wendy Darling met Cute Kid

I like the child's expression. He look so cute with the outfit =D

More pictures of Peter Pan The Musical coming soon. In the progress~!
Do visit!

Heineken with Lightning

Heineken Bottle lit with connecting current

For more info about the event stay tune on

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lin Yu Chun Music Showcase @ Rootz 林育羣 【未来的第一站】音乐会

Lin Yu Chun Music Showcase @ Rootz 林育羣 【未来的第一站】音乐会
Rootz, Roof Top, Lot 10 Shopping Mall

Caught this photo of YuChun (小胖) when he was drinking water. His hairstyle and chubby face make this picture looks cute I guess? =)

Visit or this Lin Yu Chun @ Rootz Club for more pictures and videos.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to become standout?

Among all the seashells, which one standout the most? For me I think the yellow one with the brightest, colourful seashell with unique drawing on it attract me most.

How bout you? Sometimes a person need to be different to get noticed among others. But sometimes you want to be just a normal person without people recognizing you.

Taken during Volkswagen Test Drive Trip @ Tanjung Jara Resort Beach

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photos: State of The Arts KL [#SOTAKL]

Just came back from State of The Arts KL and I would say this event is definitely a huge success =) It is definitely a good channel to let other people know that there are lots of talented person in Malaysia. Yes I am proud of it. Aren't you?

Below are photos for some speakers and performance, I can't promise when I will blog about it, so yeah a few picts for this event first.

Paul Moss @ State of The Arts KL
He clear some myth, showed us some of his childhood photos

Daphne Iking @ State of The Arts KL
She can talk C O C K, seriously and I like it bwahaha

Zlwin Chew @ State of The Arts KL
The fork magician with extra spice

Niki Cheong @ State of The Arts KL
Talking about Chances Encounter and how we should handle it

Ewin Ee @ State of The Arts KL
The young Yoyo Master

Runway @ #SOTAKL
Looks like arts from a new designer. Why? Cos the designer was too shy to stay on stage for longer time. Didn't manage to snap his picture properly though =S

Hope in future he can continue his good work but not getting over pride.

Harith Iskander @ State of The Arts KL
Funniest person in the whole event
"Eh e leh" the common + most used sentence for Malaysians
Like his Malaysia version of CSI =)

Dennis Lau @ State of The Arts KL
The talented male violinist

The China Yoyo Kiddo @ State of The Arts KL
The 12 years old kid who won RM 1,500 for his young talent =)

Stay tune @ and hope you like the photos. Comment(s) are always welcomed!

Noticed there is a barrier between two party but still I am glad that I went to this event for the arts and the talented people! Looking forward for #SOTAKL 2011 already =)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Tree of Golden Bears @ SG

A trip to SG, saw this golden tree with lots of golden bears on it

They are smiling on the tree, are they?

Have a happy weekend as the night after rain is good to sleep!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yuna Music @ Libresse Event

If Miss Yuna looking at my camera it will make the picture look a lot nicer =)

*now Yuna look at my camera =D*

Thanks Ruby that invite me for the event, didn't manage to meet her during Nuffnang Vaseline Party but really happy to met her at this Libresse event~!

If you are new to her music, listen to her songs here:

Yuna - Dan Sebenarnya

Yuna - Rocket

Nikon D90 - 18-105 Kit lens

Friday, November 12, 2010

[Photo] Nuffnang DiGi Pimp My Music Party

Just back from DiGi Pimp My Music Party and I was quite late to reach there =S But here it is, some bloggers that dressed up well for this event to win an iPhone 3Gs. Spot the winner would ya? =)

Nuffies that was there tonight are Robb Chew, Karen Mayer, Nicholas Chay, Michelle Zyenn, YuenYee, Nicholas Davis, XinXian, Jestina Goon. All nicely dressed =D

Not sure if it is because I arrive quite late for the party, I feel like the party quite "quite and calm". But luckily Lady Gaga make the stage hot. Since I was late no food to makan already hoho.

It is not a usual day to have clear view of KLCC Twin Tower. Especially after rain.

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