Thursday, November 18, 2010

Photos: State of The Arts KL [#SOTAKL]

Just came back from State of The Arts KL and I would say this event is definitely a huge success =) It is definitely a good channel to let other people know that there are lots of talented person in Malaysia. Yes I am proud of it. Aren't you?

Below are photos for some speakers and performance, I can't promise when I will blog about it, so yeah a few picts for this event first.

Paul Moss @ State of The Arts KL
He clear some myth, showed us some of his childhood photos

Daphne Iking @ State of The Arts KL
She can talk C O C K, seriously and I like it bwahaha

Zlwin Chew @ State of The Arts KL
The fork magician with extra spice

Niki Cheong @ State of The Arts KL
Talking about Chances Encounter and how we should handle it

Ewin Ee @ State of The Arts KL
The young Yoyo Master

Runway @ #SOTAKL
Looks like arts from a new designer. Why? Cos the designer was too shy to stay on stage for longer time. Didn't manage to snap his picture properly though =S

Hope in future he can continue his good work but not getting over pride.

Harith Iskander @ State of The Arts KL
Funniest person in the whole event
"Eh e leh" the common + most used sentence for Malaysians
Like his Malaysia version of CSI =)

Dennis Lau @ State of The Arts KL
The talented male violinist

The China Yoyo Kiddo @ State of The Arts KL
The 12 years old kid who won RM 1,500 for his young talent =)

Stay tune @ and hope you like the photos. Comment(s) are always welcomed!

Noticed there is a barrier between two party but still I am glad that I went to this event for the arts and the talented people! Looking forward for #SOTAKL 2011 already =)
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